All your communication needs in one GO

BrownFont is a 360° public relations agency that offers a full spectrum of strategic communication services on transmedia platforms, enabling organizations to reach their goals. We are an unparalleled team composed of veteran, innovative, and sophisticated practitioners in the fields of public relations, survey research, data analytics, strategic communications, and creative productions.

Our long-standing experience in previous elections since 1998 brings to the table an extensive, competitive, and compelling public relations service that delivers results.

BrownFont is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in survey research, data analytics, and creative productions which enables our clients to stand out from their competitors.

We especially take pride in our cutting-edge studio that produces sophisticated, up-to-date, and world-class transmedia campaigns for our clients. Also, our production outlets for print and digital media are established in strategic locations across the country.

We are BrownFont, where all your communication needs are in one go.


BrownFont provides an exciting wide range of services in communications, research, data analytics, and creative productions in order to help businesses and personalities maximize the impact of their public relations.

Strategic Communication

We utilize our interdisciplinary expertise to help our clients fulfill their short and long-term strategic goals. We strategize the strengthening of relations and communications between these clients and their target audiences. 

Campaign Management

We help you and your message effectively target relevant audiences. This begins with developing your platform, advocacy, and image, all through to the monitoring and evaluation of campaign strategies. 

Public Relations

We advance a systematic, controlled, and planned delivery of information between our clients and their target markets.  

Survey Data and Analytics

We ensure that our communication strategies are driven by research. Our team of statisticians and data analysts are capable of conducting both qualitative and quantitative research in various publics, in order to assess a product, service, or advocacy.

Creatives and Production

We have a highly-trained and competitive pool of talents, ready to bring you meaningful and creative content for traditional (television, radio, print) and non-traditional media (social media and the internet).